My name is Aidan Cartwright and I am an Artist and Educator living in the Northwest Territories, Canada. This website contains a collection of my thoughts, reflections, poetry, ideas, and artwork.

  • Elation and Despair

    Earlier this week I found a Yoga routine online (linked below) and went through it during my Tuesday lunch hour. I’ve been taking the time to do Yoga every morning for up to 20 minutes so that my back is limber enough for me to make it through the early part of the day. If […]

  • Ever Done

    On the weekend of October 28 I had my first solo art show in over 10 years. It was made up of 14 paintings which I had been working on over the last 1-5 years. Early in the year I managed to secure an arts grant via the NWT Arts Council to work on a […]

  • Paintings

    Rocky Birch – First Snowfall oil on canvas 16″x20″ As I walked by A lonely Birch Without one leaf Nor bird on perched I stopped my feet Turned to behold So sweet a song That shone as gold The song began With joys of Spring Then Summer’s warmth And love it brings But when at […]