Rocky Birch – First Snowfall

oil on canvas


As I walked by

A lonely Birch

Without one leaf

Nor bird on perched

I stopped my feet

Turned to behold

So sweet a song

That shone as gold

The song began

With joys of Spring

Then Summer’s warmth

And love it brings

But when at last

It sang of Fall

I felt my heart

Grow high and tall


My limbs so long

If my leaves fell

How sad my song

To call for Winter’s

Soft embrace

First snowfall’s touch

Upon my face

And when its song

Came to its end

I gave my love

Sweet Birch, my friend

Midsummer – Northern Collidescape

Oil on canvas


It all seems the same

Mirrors falling into themselves

A spinning sun

Trees reach out


Everything’s the same

As everything else

Colliding all at once

Like Spider’s web

Yet each Perspective is unique

To its moment

A song that never ends

With infinite movements

Playing over top of themselves

Infinite angles


Such humming harmony

Of every voice

And every ancestor

Each mark



Every Other that came before

Is there

Holds story

Shapes present

Experience paints

Black Spruce on Rocks –

Underpainting Composition

Oil on repurposed panel


Trees die

Then fall

And dry



Wood bones




Hot sun

Cold snow

Strong wind


In cracks

Gives birth

Blue Sky

Grey rock

Black Spruce

Each Element – Underpainting


Oil on repurposed panel


I take my time

Every mark

Get’s one chance

Gets to have

Its say

Its place

I take my time

The brushes call

They make their cases

To be chosen

To leave their marks

I thank each one

I take my time

History dictates

What marks will be made

It loves



I take my time

Engaged Trees- Relationality


Oil on canvas


This duality

This plurality




I see you

I hear you

I feel you

I need you

I am you

I am

We are

This is

These will

All shall

There once were two trees

Whose love for each other

Opened the skies

And earth

Spruce Dreams River

Oil on panel


Reflection’s connection to reality

The river reminds me

That it changes

It flows

It knows so much more

Than can learned

I must earn it

And to earn it

I must yearn for it

I must want it

Need it

Feed it

Believe it

Until it takes me

Sweeps me away off my feet

Down to the depths

Below the currents

To the deepest reflection

That connection

To the soul

Of the Riverbed

Crescent Spruce – First Snowfall

Oil on canvas


How far can one bend,

And still kiss golden sunshine?

Wonder drips through clouds.

The Future – Public Underpainting Composition

Oil on canvas


Pick up the knife

And leave a mark

See what becomes

Through light and dark

See what shall be

When you begin

To open up

And look within

Foundation laid

You glimpse a way

Through desperation

And through play

Some came before

As some will follow

Here today

Yet gone tomorrow

So leave your mark

Your love and sorrow

Don’t be shy

Here’s paint to borrow

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